Located at the bottom of Monte Astu (1535m) and a few kilometers from the beach of Ostriconi, our Family Delicatessen was founded in 1905 by our paternal grandfather. You will find our specialties whose know-how has been transmitted from generation to generation... The recipes for salting or preserving are developed by us.

The Charcuterie Costa & Fils uses only the most noble meats for the development of its entire range, these are selected by very strict specifications. Our establishment is part of a rigorous qualitative approach and ensures the food safety (traceability) of all its production.

Our products are embossed in natural casings and traditionally all our cooked meats is smoked with oak or chestnut wood. Then comes the phase of slow maturation and ripening. The meats are always processed in a traditional way, by dry salting and by the absolute respect of the drying and ripening times, which guarantee a constancy of quality.

Our cured meats benefit from very favorable conditions offered by the microclimate of the country of Balagne. The sausages, figatelli and other coppa or lonzu thus have a typical taste very appreciated.