Cooked meats from Corsica

Coppa Figatellu Ham Lonzu Pancetta Pâtés Sausage Boulagna

Corsican cooked meats

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Ange Toussaint Costa has been a pork breeder and butcher for many years during which time has made all his own produce and sold it to local clients. His son who was interrested in the business, and qualified for the trade, joined his father in 1991. In 1992 the "Charcuterie Corse Costa" became a SARL (Ltd) and has made a large investment in modern equipment.

The pigs are rigorously selected. the refrigeration and curing capacity enable the firm to meet all its current demands, wathever the season. The meat is still treated in the traditionnal way, by dry-salting and by strictly respecting the curing and maturing time, which are the guarantees of an unvarying quality.



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November 10th, 2008